List of top 10 schools in Punjab, Pakistan for Matric, BOYS, AND GIRLS 2022

Choosing a school for the rest of your life can have a huge impact on your future. if you do not know which Matric school to choose in Punjab, Pakistan, then this article is only for you because we are going to tell you about some of the best schools in Punjab Pakistan.

Top 10 best schools in Punjab for your kids

These are the best schools in Punjab. These schools are present in almost all cities of Punjab Pakistan and we have mentioned the details about each of these schools.

1)Nation Grammer School

At Upper Mall across from Lahore, Punjab Gymkhana Club, NGS Preschool established its first campus in 1988. For more than three decades, the school has ranked among the best preschools in Lahore

National Grammar School is fast becoming one of the leading educational groups in Punjab Pakistan. They are dedicated to providing a friendly, caring environment and an excellent learning foundation to thousands of children. Each of their campuses is well equipped and secure, and all of their facilities meet international educational standards. They are constantly adding new facilities to their campuses around Lahore.

These experienced teachers have specialized knowledge in their subjects and teaching techniques that inspire the students to learn and achieve.

These schools have large, light classrooms, with modern furniture and up-to-date teaching materials, equipment, and technologies. Their campuses are set in beautiful grounds and gardens with spacious lawns, gardens, play areas, and sports pitches.

2)Convent of Jesus & Mary

It is the Convent of Jesus and Mary of Lahore, a school for girls that is run by the Catholic Church in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. St Claudine Thevenet founded it on 17 November 1876 and it received official recognition in 1881 when it became a congregation of Religious of Jesus and Mary. Approximately 2,300 girls in preschool through grade 11 are educated at the center.

The campus is spread over five acres (20,000 m2) with the main school building dating from 1927. In addition to the junior and senior school buildings, it includes facilities such as an auditorium, two gyms (one for games and one for aerobics), two swimming pools (one shallower pool for learners and another deeper one for swimmers), basketball courts, tennis courts, football fields (including one specifically for hockey), badminton courts and squash courts as well as a library containing more than 20,000 books.

The school is one of the oldest schools in Lahore and one of the first schools for girls established during British rule. The school has produced many politicians, philanthropists, and academics. Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto attended this school for her early education.

3)Siddeeq Public School

Siddeeq Public School, Asghar Mall is a renowned institution, regarded well and loved by the twin cities and surroundings for years. The School was founded in 1992 by Professor Muhammad Siddeeq Cheema, who himself was an educationist and had a dream to create an institution based on the teachings of Islam, which would not only inculcate knowledge but also turn out to be a role model for the new generation.

THEY have always been committed to the noble cause of education and have earned a remarkable reputation for setting new standards for schools. As teachers inspire students and students end up learning skills for their lives. They don’t just become a great person but they also become helpful to society.

At Siddeeq Public School, we are committed to providing an environment where children will feel safe and secure while they learn. We want our students to be confident, happy and know that they are supported by their teachers and peers.

The THERE educational system is designed to provide a warm and caring environment for each child. To maintain discipline and an innovative atmosphere, we chose eligible and highly qualified staff. The school has well-organized classrooms with separate play areas for the students. Their teachers are highly trained to handle different age groups of students.

Their mission is to help THERE students develop their talents, skills, and abilities to the fullest and we are proud that our students have excelled in many fields of life.

4)Army Public School And College System

The Army Public Schools and Colleges System Secretariat serves as a central unifying body that ensures uniformity and standardization amongst branches of Army Public Schools and Colleges spread across Pakistan. The Secretariat was established in 1992.

The APSACS work under the administrative control of the Director-General Military Training, who is an officer of the rank of Lieutenant General. The DGMT is assisted by the Chief Education Officer, who is an officer of the rank of Brigadier. He is responsible for all matters of the functioning of educational institutions.

The mission of the Army Public Schools & Colleges System, as a modern, progressive and dynamic organization is to provide quality education to the wards of Army personnel. Its goal is to develop Army Public Schools & Colleges into a leading education system that is completely standardized and capable of imparting child friendly futuristic learning and quality education at affordable costs to meet the standards set by the best institutions in Pakistan.

To facilitate the curriculum program a healthy environment of cooperation and competition is introduced in the educational institutions in the form of societies and clubs. The students can participate in different games, sports, literary activities, and performing arts. The students are encouraged to take part in all these activities to bring out their best qualities.

Every effort is made to develop the physical and mental capabilities of students through healthy competition. Army Public Schools provide equal opportunities for all cadets/students irrespective of their sex, race, or religion to take part in these activities.

5)Beacon house school

Beaconhouse has a strong academic tradition. It is acknowledged as a premier educational institution in its home country, Pakistan Punjab, where it is the top largest private school network with over 200,000 students enrolled in its schools. Beaconhouse has expanded internationally – with schools in Brunei, Malaysia, Oman, the Philippines, Thailand, and the UAE – and has established itself as a leading innovator of quality education systems.

The Beaconhouse group of schools is committed to the pursuit of excellence and provides holistic education to its students. We offer a wide range of courses that are designed to cater to the diverse needs of children who hail from different backgrounds. Our curriculum is globally recognized and prepares our students for external examinations such as IGCE O Levels and AS/A Levels. We also offer international curricula such as IB PYP and IB DP, IB MYP, IGCSE, and SATs.

At Beaconhouse we take pride in providing an all-round education that goes beyond academic studies. We have numerous co-curricular activities that encourage our students to pursue their passions while developing important skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem-solving.

Beaconhouse aims to provide quality education of an international standard. They aim for excellence through quality management, quality training, and quality teaching, bringing benefits to our students, the community, and the wider world.

At Beaconhouse they are committed to providing a safe, secure, caring, and stimulating environment in which children can grow and develop according to their abilities. the curricula have been developed over the years through extensive research and experience in education. they believe that each child is unique and they encourage each child to reach his or her potential by providing opportunities for intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.


Divisional Public School and Intermediate College, Lahore. Lahore is a series of mega-schools at the division level in Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 1963. DPS system provides school education all over Pakistan. Its scheme was started in 1958-59 when Sharif Commission was held[clarification needed]. Its first principal was Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal Butt. Its alumni are called Divisionalities.

DPS is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Pakistan with many notable alumni including several politicians, scientists, scholars, and others who have contributed to national development, including Aitzaz Ahsan (Former Supreme Court Judge), Nasim Hasan Shah (Former Chief Justice of Pakistan), Salman Taseer (Politician and former Governor of Punjab), Asma Jahangir (Human Rights activist) and many more.

Divisional Public School & College is a place where students are taught to think, reason, and analyze the problems in their ways. They are given the freedom to express themselves by verbal or written means. We make them realize that they are the torch bearers of the nation who will lead this country towards development and prosperity.

Divisional Public School & College has been working for the last 50 years to promote education in this area. The school is providing quality education at an affordable cost while promoting discipline and character building among the students.

We aim to provide a quality education so that our children can play a pivotal role in the development of Pakistan. Our staff is professionally equipped with state of art technology to give a boost to our cherished objectives.

7)Nishat High School Multan

The Nishat Schools and Colleges are the premier institutions of learning, committed to advancing the cause of high-quality education. Our objective is to provide a stimulating environment in which children of all abilities can learn, grow and develop their skills and talents, with the support of our highly qualified and dedicated staff. We encourage students to work hard and to achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives.

We aim to develop our students into confident, competent, disciplined, and responsible individuals with a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Each child is valued as an individual within our community and we celebrate diversity in every aspect of school life.

The school provides a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. We believe in providing quality education at an affordable cost for the benefit of our students.

The faculty members are committed to making learning an enjoyable experience for the students by using innovative teaching methods and technology.

Our mission is to provide accessible, affordable, high-quality learning opportunities to all segments of society. It names included in the list of 10 ten schools of Punjab

8)Kips high school

Kips High School has been established with the mission to provide quality education at an affordable cost. The school’s motto is transforming readers into leaders. It offers a challenging and stimulating environment that promotes academic excellence, physical fitness, aesthetic appreciation, cultural awareness, and social confidence for students.

KIPS School facilitates future leaders, to achieve learning milestones with a strong sense of nation-building through a result-oriented methodology.

KIPS School is an integral part of KIPS College, a project of KIPS Education System (Pvt.) Ltd.

Our primary focus is to impart quality education, to build the future of our country’s youth; by developing their cognitive abilities, enabling them to analyze situations and deduce innovative solutions.

We aspire to create an outstanding student that can take on the challenges faced by the world today, with firm confidence and never-ending perseverance.

9) Bloomfield Hall School

Bloomfield Hall School offers a range of recreational and educational activities for students. These include school trips, sports and fitness programs, fabulous facilities including an on-site swimming pool, sports hall, astroturf pitch, and drama studio.

Our teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach which means that children at Bloomfield Hall School are excited about their learning.

We offer music lessons in piano, guitar, and violin through our music academy which is open to all students and school choir for those who like to sing! We also have a wide range of performing arts and dance activities both during the school day and after school.

At Bloomfield Hall School we ensure that all parents are fully informed and updated on their child’s progress through parent consultations, written reports, and ‘home-school’ diaries. The school’s modern ‘virtual learning environment’ supports home learning through an online area where children can access homework tasks, communicate with teachers and show their parents how they learn in school.

10)Britain School Multan Punjab

The Britain International School System is working with its wide-area network all over Pakistan and abroad as well. As the name suggests it is an international system that works under the British National Curriculum. The school system believes in delivering quality education to the students.

The British International School System has been working for approximately two decades now. It has branches in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. The school is also working on other projects as well to expand its educational services.

Pakistan is home to many international schools with large and growing populations. This has led to the creation of some fantastic educational opportunities for the children of ex-pat parents, as well as many high-achieving local students. From British-style curricula to American, and even the International Baccalaureate Program, you’ll find it all here. We believe in providing quality education that encompasses the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and aesthetic development of every student.

Their vision is To be a center of excellence, nationally recognized for its academic standards, technical expertise, and commitment to quality education, and mission is To impart high-quality education that instills confidence.


Beacon house school is the no 1 school in Pakistan.

Which is the most popular school in Punjab?

National Grammer School


The number of primary schools is 12888, the number of middle schools is 2670, and the number of high schools is 1740

You can also check by cities of  punjab

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