Taleem E Niswan Essay in Urdu

Today We write a taleem e niswan essay in Urdu with headings, quotes, and poetry for class 2nd year, FSC, 10,8, and others. Let’s discuss this with a short introduction.

The choice of the medium of education has always been a debatable subject. While some people believe in the traditional system of education where students are taught through face-to-face interaction in a classroom, others think that online courses or virtual classrooms are better. In this day and age, when technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, online courses are gaining immense popularity.

Taleem E Niswan Essay in Urdu

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As technology advances, more schools are incorporating tablets and laptops into the classroom. While this may be a good thing in terms of modernization, it’s not always great for the students. According to a study done by The Journal of Learning Disabilities, when kids use devices in school, they’re more likely to have trouble focusing and less likely to do well academically.


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