shajar kari essay in urdu | شجر کاری پر ایک مضمون

Today we write a shajar Kari essay in Urdu. There are several reasons to plant trees, and the advantages of doing so are countless. Trees provide shade and cooling in the summer, which can help to reduce energy costs for homeowners and businesses. They also act as windbreaks, helping to protect buildings from wind damage. In addition, trees improve air quality by trapping pollutants and releasing oxygen. They also help to control erosion and stormwater runoff, and they can create a calming, peaceful ambiance in an outdoor space.

shajar kari essay in urdu | شجر کاری پر ایک مضمون

shajar Kari essay in Urdu

shajar kari ki ahmiyat in Urdu

Trees are among the most vital living species on the earth.. They offer shade and shelter, but they also play a crucial role in the water cycle and carbon dioxide absorption. As the world continues to urbanize, trees are becoming increasingly important in helping to improve air quality and mitigate the effects of climate change. Trees also provide a number of economic advantages, such as lowering energy costs and improving property prices.

A single tree may absorb up to 48 pounds (0.02 t) of CO2 and create approximately 260 pounds (0.12 t) of oxygen every year. They also play a role in moderating the environment by cooling urban areas in summer and reducing the effects of wind and rain. Trees also assist to decrease soil erosion and offer crucial habitat for wildlife.

shajar kari ka jadeed tareqa

The forestry industry is always looking for new ways to grow trees. There are many ways to do this, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. One way to grow trees is by using seedlings. Seedlings are young trees planted from seed. They are commonly used for planting in areas where the forest has been damaged or destroyed. Another way to grow trees is by using cuttings. Cuttings are pieces of a tree cut off and then planted. They are commonly used to plant areas where the forest has not been damaged or destroyed.


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