Science ke karishme essay in urdu for class 5,6,2nd year

There are several reasons for the charms of science also called science ke karishme. First, objectively, the development of science and technology can bring us a better material life, and satisfy our daily needs and spiritual pursuit to a certain extent. For example, planes, trains, and automobiles save us time and energy; TV, radio, and the Internet bring us closer to the world; antibiotics and vaccines help us get rid of diseases, and nuclear energy provides us with an inexhaustible energy source.

Today in this block post we will write Science ke karishme essay in urdu for class 5,6, 2nd year with PDF and headings in short way

Science ke karishme essay in urdu | سائنس کے کرشمیعے پر ایک مضمون

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Science Kay karishme par mazmoon in pdf

But the charms of science are not only about material comfort and improved efficiency. There is something more. Studies have shown that the majority of people who engage in scientific research are passionate about their work and have a strong sense of responsibility and commitment. They work not only for material rewards, but also for the pursuit of truth and the betterment of humanity.


Science is amazing because it allows us to understand and control the world around us. It also gives us the ability to make new things and solve problems. As a result, science is a powerful tool that we should all use to improve our lives. Thanks for reading science kay karishme mazoom in urdu! Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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