The quest for Top 10 Colleges in kpk for fsc, fa, ics and icom is not an easy one for me, I come from Punjab, where the search for these colleges requires a lot of determination. This is a challenging situation for me, as the ambiance of kpk is different from PUNJAB. By the way, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is one of Pakistan’s four provinces, and it is very near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. , You can find several best private and government colleges in KPK. If you live in KPK or planning to take admission and have no idea which college is right for you, then this blog post is for you to find the best colleges in kpk.

List of TOP 10 COLLEGES IN KPK for FSC and others

This is the list of top 10 colleges in kpk for intermediate education

1) Peshawar Model Degree College, KPK

Firstly, this college is private and has separate campuses for boys and girls, and after talking to the staff and students, I can tell you that the staff is highly qualified and the students had an impressive communication style. I was amazed to see so high confidence and perfect communication skills of the students of this college. The principal of this college in KPK is very nice and humble. The infrastructure is of a high standard with nothing to complain about. Also, the cost is affordable and affiliated with bise Peshawar, so I plan on taking admission to this college if I live in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar.

2) Government Degree College, KPK

All expenses of this college are covered by the government of KPK. I met the principal, who is nice and has a good personality. During my visit to this college, I met with the most qualified chemistry teacher in this school. In addition to the big classrooms, halls, labs, and library of this college, there are a great many amazing books for students to read. This college offers an fsc in pre-medical, an fsc in pre-engineering, and an ics for a computer career. Those studying at this college are neither good nor bad, just like an average college student affiliated with bise Mardan. The only drawback is that there is no infrastructure to match other government schools, so if you have little money and are looking for admission at a government college, consider this one.

3) Shaheen Children’s Academy & College Of Sciences, KPK

The College of Science and Information Technology is a private college which offers classes in fsc and ics. The staff is friendly, with great ethics, and know how to communicate with everyone. There is also a bus system, so students can get around. The College of Science and Information Technology has more extracurricular activities than any other institution in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This college has only one drawback: it is expensive.

4) Jinnah College for Women, KPK

The college is exclusively for girls. The Vice-Chancellor told me that the foundation of the college is Jinnah’s vision. I was impressed. Let’s discuss the facilities of this college since it has high-tech labs, halls, and libraries. There is a hostel in this college for girls. It is one of the few colleges in KPK that has this facility. Beautiful and vast playground. This college has a large playground. It offers intermediate and bachelor classes. Those who live in Peshawar KPK and are looking for a school for their daughters, mothers, sisters, and so on, may want to consider this as it is the best for girls.

5) Islamia College, KPK

I have never seen any college building in my life in South Asia that embodies a Muslim civilization like this college. The grounds are vibrant, lush, and a completely fresh environment if you walk or sit in them. This college was visited by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who became a lifelong honorary member of the Khyber Union ICP. I can tell you this college has a rich history, highly qualified faculty members, and a great reputation. and the best and most brilliant students of the college have achieved a ranking in overall kpk. The college has ranked in overall rankings for its best and brightest students. In addition to FA/FSC, it also offers BA/BBA/LLB or MPhil and Ph.D. programs. This university also offers fee refunds to deserving students.

6) Government Superior Science College , KPK

It is a government college in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. This college offers both BS and FSC courses. I spoke with some students, and they almost said the college was only good for BS and FSC courses and there were no extra-curricular activities. And It is seriously irritating to me when colleges have no such activities. I only include this college in my list because students recommend it for admission to intermediate.

7) Frontier College For Women & University, KPK

It is a government college but I like its faculty and staff the most because they are kind and humble and follow the rules strictly. In this college, students also follow college rules and prepare well for their exams. A student says that she passed FSC from this college and received 950 points and she credited his teachers and his college’s principal for this. I will not comment on this matter because it is your decision.

8) Hadaf College, KPK

When I entered this private college, I was surprised to find that it had one of the best infrastructures and the best faculty and security that I have seen. Most security guards in colleges in Pakistan are not very tight or young. I want to point out that security at this college is very active and youthful. I have never seen a better college in my life and consider it to be on my top list. However, a faculty member and student told me that if you take admission there on a merit basis, you shouldn’t apply to this college. It means money comes first. I am sad by the way, but if you have a lot of money and need good infrastructure, you should consider this.

9) Forward Girls College, KPK

The staff and faculty of this college are good. The students of this college are average. The college offers an FSC in PRE-ENGINEERING AND PRE-MEDICINE, FA, and ICS. However, the infrastructure is an old building that needs restoration. But still, this college is on my shortlist.

10) Edwardes College, KPK

There is an excellent college in Peshawar called Edwards College. Pakistani poet Ahmad Faraz graduated from this institution. The administration is good, and the college environment is clean, however, I give negative points because the college needs improvement in the areas of nutrition and snacks prices. However, the college in Peshawar provides quality education and is on the right track.


It is the List of colleges in kpk. There is no doubt that these 10 are the best colleges in kpk for FSC, FA, and ICS and have a good reputation in their areas, and they all provide good education. However, government colleges require special attention concerning infrastructure.

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