Auto Clicker – Auto Tap

This click assistant – auto clicker app helps you save time and effort by automatically tapping and gestures. With a simple and user-friendly interface, the automatic clicker app is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to automate repetitive tasks without requiring any root access.
The Auto Clicker app allows you to automate clicks and gestures right on your phone or tablet. Whether you’re playing games, using social media, or working, this auto click app also can perform multiple tasks anywhere you want.

Choose your mode depending on your auto tap need:

Single point auto click mode:
In Single Point automatic tap Mode, you can set the auto swipe app to auto click at a single spot on your screen. This is perfect for tasks that require repeated tapping in the same place, such as clicking a button in a game or refreshing a web page. Simply choose the location, set the interval, and let the auto taps app do the rest.

Multi point auto click mode:
For more complex tasks, multi point automatic tap mode allows you to set multiple points to enhance your auto clicker experience. This is ideal for games and apps that require auto tapping in different locations. Just set gesture and timing for each click, the auto tap swipe on screen app like a assistant with multiple fingers

Why Choose autoclicker – Automatic Tap?

✓ Easily record and replay your gestures
✓ Set up the auto click speed from slow to fast to fit your usage needs.
✓ Select the automatic clicker position on the screen to make the clicking action more accurate.
✓ Adjust auto click intervals and duration to suit your needs with just a few taps
✓ Support multiple gestures such as swipes, taps, scrolls, etc, without touching the screen.
✓ One touch to pause and stop auto clicker actions
✓ Ability to save/load preset configurations
✓ Smooth performance on full-screen applications
✓ Enjoy stable and swift gestures
✓ Step-By-Step instruction to set up touch automatic

So, what are you waiting for! Optimize working time and enhance your productivity now with the automatic tap app.

If you have any questions about the automatic clicker app, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for using the touch automatic – Auto Clicker app!

Notes on using Accessibility Permissions

– The app requires Accessibility Service to work for the perform gestures: Tap, swipe, pinch and perform other gestures.
– We do not collect and/or share personal or sensitive data using the accessibility capabilities.

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